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Art in the Park - terms and conditions

1. The exhibition is open to any artist living in Northamptonshire.  Original work and limited edition prints are accepted. Prints must be clearly marked on the label with their edition number.

2. Size and Medium  
Pictures must be no larger than 60cm x 60cm (24” x 24”) Work in any medium will be accepted apart from reliefs and sculptures.   

3. Entry
Due to space restrictions, only one application form per person will be accepted. Further works may not be submitted under another name. In order for our curatorial team to plan the best way to hang the exhibition, please provide a photograph of your work (if possible). Complete the entry form, including the tear-off slip at the bottom, and return together with the £5 hanging fee, which is payable when the artwork is delivered to Abington Park Museum. A receipt will be given when you deliver your painting.

4. Closing date for entry forms
Sunday 20 March 2022

5. Labels
A label will be produced by the museum to appear beside each picture giving details of the artist's name, the picture title and price as they appear on your entry form.   Please print all information as clearly as possible.

6. Delivery of pictures  
To Abington Park Museum Saturday 19th March, Sunday 20th March, Monday 21st March,  between 12pm and 4pm. Late entries will not be accepted.

7. Submission
The back of the picture must carry a label giving the artist's name and the title of the work. Pictures must be properly mounted and framed and fitted with the mirror plates supplied by the museum to you.  Clip frames and metal frames will not be accepted. Please note – only frames fitted with mirror plates will be accepted. If your picture does not have mirror plates fitted, it will not be accepted. If you require mirror plates Abington Park Museum will supply them for you to attach to your painting. 

8. Insurance
While every care is taken, please note that works submitted are not covered under the museums’ insurance policy and all artists exhibit works at their own risk. Artists who wish to insure their work must do this themselves through their own insurance company. For the avoidance of doubt- Abington Park Museum, Northampton Museums and Art Gallery and Northampton Borough Council accept no liability whatsoever for the loss, theft, damage, or deterioration of any of the works exhibited- with no exceptions.    

9. Picture sales
Pictures that have been sold will be denoted by a red sticker. Please telephone 01604 838110 before collecting your painting as it may have been sold. West Northamptonshire Council cannot guarantee that any purchase will be completed, but purchasers are required to leave a 10% deposit on pictures above the value of £20; pictures below £20 will be paid for in full at the time of the sale. Pictures may not be removed during the exhibition either by an artist or purchaser.

10. Opening times
The exhibition is open at the same times as Abington Park Museum. The opening hours of the museum are 12pm-4pm Saturday and Sunday and 12pm to 4pm. 
11. Exhibition closes
Sunday 15 May 2022
Unsold pictures should be collected from Abington Park Museum Monday 16 May 2022 and Tuesday May 2022. If you are unable to collect in person, please make arrangements for somebody to collect on your behalf.    

12. Payments
Commission rates will be 20% on all sales of work. There is a £5 hanging charge on each painting, which includes two mirror plates to attach to your painting. Any works that do not have mirror plates attached will not be accepted. Please send the £5 with your application form – a receipt will be given to you when you deliver your painting. Cheques should be payable to West Northamptonshire Council. Payments to artists for any work sold at the exhibition will be made by 12 July 2019.

If you have any queries about the exhibition, please contact Victoria Davies on 01604 837632 or