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Ancient Egyptians

Explore Ancient Egypt religion and ritual through the use of artefacts, experimental archaeology and role play.

This hands-on interactive workshop offers pupils the opportunity to learn about the funeral rites practiced by the Ancient Egyptians using replica artefacts and drama to re-enact the 'Opening of the Mouth Ceremony' as well as learning about hieroglyphics and using reed pens and ink, to write hieroglyphics on papyrus along with artefact handling utilising a selection of genuine Egyptian artefacts from the museum collections.

Participants will have the opportunity to

Develop knowledge and understanding of archaeological and artefact-based evidence and raise awareness of how we find out about the past and identifying key characteristics of objects / sources for ancient Egypt.

Develop skills in handling and interpreting artefacts examining ancient Egyptian objects, exploring artefacts as sources of inspiration, knowledge and exploration.

Develop knowledge and understanding of the afterlife, beliefs, appearance and communication in Ancient Egypt

Participate in role play / drama activity to explore Egyptian ritual and artefacts exploring beliefs, materials and emotions.

Increase knowledge and understanding about life in Ancient Egypt.

Understand the role of hieroglyphics as a form of communication, becoming familiar with how to read and write simple hieroglyphs and the importance of writing and scribes in Ancient Egypt.

Develop knowledge about Egyptian gods and burial rites, learning respect and tolerance for different beliefs, and important of religion to the Ancient Egyptians.

Location Abington Park Museum
Age Key Stage 2


Length Two hours / 120 minutes
Capacity 35 children plus supervising adults
KS2 Links History

Pupils should be taught about: - the achievements of the earliest civilizations – an overview of where and when the first civilizations appeared and a depth study of one of the following – i.e., Ancient Egypt
Supervision We ask schools to follow NSPCC guidelines as outlined in our terms and conditions.
Resources Background notes and details of the school-led Hieroglyphics activity are sent on booking.

It may be possible for schools to spend additional time at the museum to explore the other galleries or eat lunch (dependant of museum staff availability and subject to small additional charge).

Extension – we also offer a hands-on workshop (60 minutes) for pupils to investigate the Egyptian game of Senet – making their own copy of the game to play and take home with them. In addition, we can, if wished, make available a selection of Egyptian artefacts for observational drawing (art / drawing materials supplied).

Please add details in the Special Requirements box of the online booking form if you would like to book an Extension workshop.
Cost £200 (Extension Workshop charged at £100)