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Shoe style Clog
Style description

Clogs are made entirely from wood or have a wooden sole. There can be many different types of clog.

Shoe description This leather, wood and metal clog is from the 1880s. Clogs have been worn in many different industries to protect the feet or keep them dry. This clog was worn in a laundry.
Style example 1 Children's leather and wood clogs. Made in Lancashire, 1850s-80s
These clogs have a distinctive metal clasp fastening and iron ‘horseshoes’ attached to their soles and heels. Women and girls working in Northern textile mills normally wore traditional clasp clogs or bar strap clogs which became more popular in the beginning of the 20th century. Children’s clogs often had either ankle straps or bar straps.

Style example 2 Women's suede and wood clogs. About 1943.
During the Second World War restrictions came in to force on the use leather. To save the leather used for soles, wooden soled shoes were introduced in 1943. This pair were sold by Liberty's of London.
Style example 3 Children's painted wood clogs. Made in the Netherlands, 2002.
To many of us a clog is the traditional style worn by the Dutch in the Netherlands. This pair were made for the tourist market.