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Terms and Conditions for learning experiences

Terms and conditions for hiring museum object boxes

By booking a museum object box, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Hire a museum object box

  • The penalty charge may be waived at the discretion of the Learning and Audiences Officer if any late return can be evidenced in relation to a Covid-19 issue with the named hirer.
  • The hire of all boxes must be booked in advance using the online booking form.
  • The hire shall not exceed the stated dates – a penalty of £2.00 per day will be incurred for late return. The late collection of a box by the hirer does not change the the return date specified for the hire.
  • The hirer shall pay the replacement value of all lost or broken items.
  • All items shall be returned, repacked in the same manner as sent, in the boxes and packaging provided.
  • The hire shall not be lent out to a third party.
  • Any lost or damaged items should be reported to museum staff immediately they are discovered, even if this is prior to the return of the box.
  • At all times the hirer is responsible for the safe handling of all the objects and for the safety of all persons handling the objects. Before handling any object all persons should be familiar with the handling instructions and advice.
  • When not in use the museum object box should be kept locked in a secure environment.