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Terms and Conditions for learning experiences

Visitor code of conduct.

Northampton Museums & Art Gallery is a space for all to enjoy. We require all visitors to comply with our code of conduct.

We expect our visitors to:

  • Take responsibility for their own learning and respect other's right to learn
  • Be friendly
  • Listen
  • Respect each other’s differences
  • Treat staff, volunteers and other visitors with respect
  • Treat all resources and exhibits with care
  • Help others
  • Cooperate with each other

Visitors should not:

  • Bully each other
  • Pick on or make fun of each other
  • Be abusive
  • Damage equipment/exhibitions

If the code is breached

The visitor will be reminded of the code of conduct and asked to comply. They will be given an opportunity to reflect on their actions to plan a positive response. If a visitor continues to breach the code of conduct they may be asked to leave.

  • All behaviour is the responsibility of adults accompanying visiting groups
  • Adults are expected to supervise any children at all times
  • At no point should a child,young adult or person at risk be left in the sole care of museum staff
  • If the behaviour persists and a member of staff is delivering an unsupervised activity, appropriate behaviour management systems will to be followed. Participants work with the facilitator at the start of projects and sessions to set expectations informed by the code of behaviour
  • If delivering activities in an outreach, community, education setting, staff will follow the behaviour management systems of the organisation (e.g. mainstream school traffic light system)

Untrained Staff

  • Staff will not intervene in situations where they are not fully trained, for example under no circumstances will untrained staff be left alone with vulnerable groups such as special needs groups or adults at risk and be expected to manage behaviour.
  • A specialist trained adult/carer must be present to safeguard welfare.