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The arcade clock

White desk with red wall behind displaying gallery directional signage and a clock.


The clock face located above the reception desk in The Atrium once adorned the façade of the Emporium Arcade which stood on the Market Square. The arcade and its clock were iconic symbols at the heart of the town. When the arcade was demolished in 1972 the loss was greatly felt by the people of Northampton.

The Emporium Arcade

The Emporium Arcade was built in 1901 to a design by local architects Mosley and Scrivener. Its exterior was elaborately decorated with stone and ironwork and the arched entrance was covered in purple, green and white Doulton tiles. The building housed over 50 independent shops, offices and stockrooms. The clock was added around 1906 and is thought to have been made by nationally renowned clockmakers WF Evans.

Large 5 storey building with decorative clock in the background. Rows of cards parked in the foreground.

The clock was cleaned and conserved to stabilise it for display.

White clock face with black edging and black Roman numerals.

In its new location in the museum, the clock continues to watch over the activity of the town as people socialise, share ideas and debate, just as they once did in the Market Square.