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Northamptonshire Regiment

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Northamptonshire Regiment timeline

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Find out about the exploits of the Northamptonshire Regiment from their formation in 1741.

The Northamptonshire Regiment timeline

Service in Afganistan

The 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment conducted tour ‘Operation Herrick 19’ in Helmand Province of Afghanistan.

Service in Iraq

The Royal Anglian Regiment carried out two operational tours of Basra in Iraq as part of ‘Operation Telic 8 and 12’.

The Poachers in Northern Ireland

The 2nd Battalion, The Poachers, undertook nine tours of Northern Ireland, known as ‘Operation Banner’.

Army reforms

After further army reforms the 2nd East Anglian Regiment became known as the Royal Anglian Regiment, 2nd Battalion, The Poachers.

Amalgamation with the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment

The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment and the Northamptonshire Regiment amalgamated to form the 2nd East Anglian Regiment.

Service in the Korean War

The 1st Battalion of the Northamptonshire Regiment served in the Korean War as part of the United Nations Force.

Reduction after the Second World War

After the Second World War the Regiment was reduced to just the 1st Battalion.

Service in the Second World War

The 1st Battalion served in Burma and the 2nd Battalion served in France, Belgium, Sicily and Italy. The 5th Battalion served in France, Belgium, North Africa, Sicily and Italy.

Service in the First World War

The 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th Battalions served in France and the 4th Battalion served in Gallipoli and Egypt during The First World War.

Service in the Second Boer War

The 2nd Battalion were involved in the Battle of Belmont, Battle of Graspan, Battle of Modder River, Battle of Magersfontein, the Relief of Kimberly and Operations in the Orange Free State and South Western Transvaal during the Second Boer War.

Cardwell army reforms

Under the Cardwell Reforms of the British Army both regiments became the Northamptonshire Regiment. The 48th became the 1st Battalion and the 58th became the 2nd Battalion. The reforms were focussed on making efficiency savings.

Service in the First Boer War

The 58th Regiment fought at the Battle of Laing’s Nek and Battle of Majuba Hill during the First Boer War.

Service in the Zulu Wars

The 58th Regiment fought at the battle of Ulundi during the Zulu Wars.

Service in the Crimean War

The 48th Regiment fought at the Siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean War.

Service in the Maori Wars

The 58th Regiment were stationed in New Zealand and fought in the Maori Wars.

The Battle of Talavera

The 48th Regiment fought in the Battle of Talavera and were granted the Honour of carrying ‘Talavera’ on their Colours and Cap Badge for helping win the battle by pushing the French forces back.

Service in the Napoleonic Wars

The 58th Regiment were granted the Honour of carrying the ‘Sphinx’ on their Colours for their assistance with the defeat of French forces in Egypt.

The Siege of Gibraltar

The 58th Regiment were part of the Garrison at the Siege of Gibraltar and were granted the Honour of carrying ‘Gibraltar’ on their Colours.

A county Regiment

The 48th Regiment were granted the county title of the Northamptonshire Regiment and the 58th Regiment were granted the county title of the Rutlandshire Regiment.

The Jacobite Rebellion

The 48th Regiment of Foot fought at the Battle of Falkirk and the Battle of Culloden during the Jacobite Rebellion.

The formation of the 58th Regiment of Foot

The 58th Regiment of Foot was raised by Colonel John Anstuther at Plymouth.

The Formation of the 48th Regiment of Foot

The 48th Regiment of Foot was raised in Norwich by Colonel James Cholmondley.