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Shoe style Sandal
Style description

A sandal has a sole with straps, thongs or a toe knob to hold it on the foot. They are recognised as the earliest form of footwear.

Shoe description This pair of men's toe thong sandals were made by Takegahara Toshinosuke, Japan. 2003.
Style example 1 Egyptian sandal made from woven straw, 300 BC.
This simple v-strap sandal is one of the oldest shoes in the museum’s collection. It looks very contemporary as it is very similar to the modern flip flop. The oldest sandals were discovered in the 1950s in the Arnold Research Cave, located in Central Missouri in the United States. The sandals were found with a group of shoes dating from eight hundred to eight thousand years old.

Style example 2 Flip flop made from rubber. 1960s.
The rubber flip flop was created in the 1960s and quickly became popular across the world. Havaianas is a Brazilian brand of flip-flop sandal created and patented in 1962.
Style example 3 Flip flop made from rubber. 2004.
This pair were sold by Accessorize. To create a fashion look they have a low kitten heel.