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Shoe style Mule
Style description

Mule A mule is a slip-on shoe without a back.

Shoe description This pair of Union Jack mules are by Red or Dead, about 1989
Style example 1 Women’s silk damask and leather mule in the French style, 1730
Mules have been a popular style for both women and men for hundreds of years. This silk damask mule is from around 1730. It is in the French style with a high French or Pompadour heel and would have been worn in a salon. A fashion journal of 1853 states ‘Mount on French heels when you go to a ball, Tis the fashion to totter and show you can fall.’
Style example 2 Wool and camel leather tauranwari jutti, Pakistan, 1970s
These amazing looking mules are known as tauranwari jutti and are often worn in the Pakistan region of Sindh. They are perfect for wearing in a hot desert environment, as the pompons cushion the toes while walking and the thin camel leather backs make it easy to flick out trapped sand and keep the foot cool. These are from the 1970s.
Style example 3 Men's plush mules with a devil’s face embroidered on the vamp. Jeffery-West, Northampton, 2002
Today mules are often worn indoors as slippers.