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Shoe style Bar shoe
Style description

A bar shoe has one or more straps that extend over the top of the foot and fasten with a buckle or button.

Shoe description Women's satin and multi-coloured rayon brocade bar shoes. Late 1920s.
Style example 1 Women's plaited leather bar shoes, 1920s.
The bar shoe became incredibly popular for women in the 1920s. As hemlines became significantly shorter greater emphasis was placed on the legs and attention turned to the feet. Some of the simplest yet beautiful shoes were worn in a myriad of colours, materials and decorative embellishments and often sporting the shapely Louis heel or a slender Spanish heel.
Style example 2 Women's kid leather bar shoes. Enosis, Made in Greece. 1968.
Over the years this classic style has reappeared such as this colourful square toe version from the late 1960s.
Style example 3 Children's leather bar shoes. 1920-29.
Bar shoes have always been a popular style for children.