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Abington Galleries

Abington was once the Manor House for the extensive Abington estate.

The Abington Galleries

The galleries chart the history and development of Abington as it has grown from a medieval manor to an attractive leafy suburb of Northampton. It is designed to allow the whole family to explore the places, the people and their experiences past and present that have made Abington their home. The galleries are divided into 5 thematic zones that explore Abington as a place to Live, Work, Enjoy, breathe and be Inspired.

Abington Gallery 1

A place to live

Discover how the house changed over time and who lived there. Find out about the first concrete modernist house in England and what it’s like to live in Abington today. For those who like a challenge, try to assemble the 3 Dimension jigsaw of the house. You can find out which of Shakespeare’s descendants lived at Abington Manor.

A place to work

There have been many different types of jobs for people in Abington. Once mainly agricultural, more recently the area has been home to shoe factories and breweries. You will find a historic map that was commissioned by William Thursby as a survey of his recently purchased estate. As one of the star objects in the Museum’s collections it provides us with a real insight into farming in the 17th century.

A place to enjoy

Find out how the Victorians spent their free time. From the Town Show, weekly bands at the bandstand, winter gardens and model railway, there have been many events for Northampton’s residents to enjoy. There have also been numerous clubs to join including cricket, tennis and bowls. You can watch archive film of Abington people and places in a dedicated area.

A place to Breathe

For many visitors today, a walk in the park is the most popular way to relax and enjoy free time. Sit under the leafy arbour in the gallery and listen to stories that reveal how important the park is to its residents.

Key objects on display in Abington gallery 1

Abington Gallery 2

A place to be Inspired

For many artists Abington has been a source of inspiration. Housed in a separate space 'Inspired' has a changing programme of displays that showcase art and artists inspired by and connected to the area.

Key objects on display in Abington gallery 2

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Accessing the galleries

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