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Introduction to the panels

Join our history curator on an audio tour exploring the significance of the Oak Room panels.

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We begin our audio tour, led by our history curator, with an overview of the Oak Room panels at Abington Park Museum. The tour continues with a detailed look at specific panels and is divided into heraldry, religion, Tudor entertainment and an exploration of the Medieval year.

History of the panels

These panels date from between 1485 and 1508 and were moved from the earlier Tudor manor house when William Thursby made his 17th century additions. Panelling was popular in Medieval and Tudor architecture for both its beauty and insulating properties, facing cold stone walls and keeping draughts at bay.


Usually made from oak, panelling from this period was constructed from a series of thin boards or panels framed with solid timber uprights and cross members. The carvings are some of the finest examples in the country, especially the ‘linen fold’ design that can be seen around the room.

Play the YouTube link below to hear more about the history of the panels.

Once you have listened to this section then follow the link below to enjoy the next part of the tour.

Introduction to heraldry in the panels