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Families linked to the Bernards

Join our history curator on an audio tour exploring the significance of the Oak Room panels.

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This ornate coat of arms includes the heraldry of many families linked to the Bernards. In the central shield the bears represent the Bernards. The five diamonds is the crest of the Pinkney family. The top right quarter contains the fretting of the Champayn family and the canton, or L-shape, of the Daundelyns. The three pikes, fish, are the arms of the Lyllings. The saltires, crosses, are thought to represent the Tiptoft family. The letters J B and M under the main crest refer to John and Margaret Bernard – the owners of Abington who built the manor house and commissioned the oak carvings.

Play the YouTube clip below to hear more about heraldry and the panels.

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The Bernard coat of arms