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The weapons of Christ

Join our history curator on an audio tour exploring the significance of the Oak Room panels.

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This panel shows the Arma Christi or the 'Weapons of Christ'. These are objects associated with Jesus’ crucifixion. The central crest depicts pierced hands, feet and a heart representing the body of Christ. Surrounding this are number of other instruments:

  • The cross Jesus was executed on and his crown of thorns
  • The pillar and whips from the Flagellation of Christ
  • The purple robe of mockery
  • A cock which crowed after Peter’s third denial of Jesus
  • The ladder used to remove Jesus’ body from the cross
  • The hammer used to drive the nails through Jesus’ hands and feet and pliers used to remove them
  • The lance which a Roman soldier used to inflict the final five wounds in Jesus’ side
  • The reed placed in Jesus’ hand as a sceptre in mockery or the holy sponge
  • Vessel used to hold myrrh

Play the YouTube clip below to hear more about religion and the panels.

Once you have listened to this section then follow the link below to enjoy the next part of the tour.

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