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Kowloon Riots by Chris Fiddes

This painting records the 1956 Kowloon Riots which Fiddes witnessed first-hand while serving in the Northamptonshire Regiment who were stationed in Hong Kong.

Sketching what he saw was, for Fiddes, a way to come to terms with the brutality and horror. On his return to England, Fiddes then worked up his sketches into this painting. 

This painting is a career defining one for Fiddes, marking a drastic change to his previous landscape style. It is arguably this experience of witnessing the reality of conflict and poverty on the streets in Kowloon that led him to later record the conflict in Belfast in the 1970s.

Oil on panel
On display in Art Gallery 1 at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, as part of the current exhibition Chris Fiddes Challenging Perspectives