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Phipps Brewery

Beer has been brewed in Northampton since the 1500s and was at the height of success during the 1800s, with numerous breweries dotted around the town.

Various, wood, glass, metal

In 1817 Pickering Phipps set up his brewing company on Bridge Street, Northampton. The India Pale Ale was a favourite amongst the shoemakers. It is believed the bitterness of the ale cut through the tannin-rich dust and clag that affected their taste buds. The business passed down the generations of the Phipps family until 1960 when it became part of the Watney Mann Company, and in 1974 the brewery was replaced by the Carlsberg plant. In 2014 the Phipps brand was revived, now producing their ales at the Albion Brewery, close to the original brewing site.

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