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Whistle from the collection at Abington Park Museum

The Abington collection is made up of history objects that tell the story of Abington, the surrounding park and community.

Key objects from the collection

This is a growing collection and includes objects relating to the story of the manor house as a home, an asylum and a museum. Paintings of people living in the house provide a glimpse into the status of the families who lived there. Objects relating to the use of the park include flags and programmes celebrating the local importance of the park and events that took place here. Businesses are remembered and include shoes made by an Abington factory.

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Where to view the Abington Collection

Objects from the collection are on display at the beautiful Abington Park Museum helping to tell the story of the house, park and the people who have lived there.

Abington Galleries

Abington Park Museum is set in an historic Tudor building, and there are two key rooms that tell us about the early history and story of the building. The rooms can be viewed during opening hours but if you are planning a special visit do check for events or weddings by contacting us.

Historic rooms

Our online object tour includes key objects on display at Abington Park Museum.

Abington Park Museum object tour

Abington collections are also included in our online resources including a virtual tour.

Online resources Abington Park Museum

Research or enquire about the Abington collection

We welcome access to the collection through research visits, viewings and correspondence.

Research or enquire about the collection