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Discovery Room

Purple and black horned beetle facing forward on a leaf.


We are improving our museum including creating new permanent displays in this gallery. Look out for opening information.


We currently showcasing a temporary exhibition It’s A Bug’s Life in this gallery. Minibeasts, creepy crawlies- whatever you call them the small creatures that share our gardens and live in our fields are important. It’s A Bug’s Life is a family friendly exhibition that takes a look at their world. Find out how beetles see and hear, how they defend themselves, and  how to make a beetle home in your garden or find how a butterfly changes from a caterpillar, what the difference is between a butterfly and a moth and what is mudpuddling.

Accessing the galleries

We want to be open and accessible to all visitors to ensure the widest number of people can enjoy our buildings, collections, exhibitions and events.

Accessing the galleries

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