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The story of the Irchester bowls study day

Photograph of bronze shiny bowl. Sides of the bowl are decorated with dotted pattern

Tuesday 26 July
10.30am - 1.30pm
The Irchester bowls were found in 1874 by the antiquarian the Rev. Baker. This remains an important and significant discovery of beautifully crafted bowls and strainers. They were buried in the late 300s making them over 1,500 years old. The hoard is of regional and national significance and has been re-evaluated by Dr James Gerrard and Marco Romeo-Pitone of Newcastle University along with the Knaresborough hoard from Yorkshire. This includes exciting new metallurgical analysis using contemporary scientific study. There are strong similarities between the two hoards including the story of how they were found. This study event will discuss the analysis and new research telling the story of the hoard.

In partnership with the Archaeological Resources Centre, Chester House. Includes refreshments. Booking essential.

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