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A museum for Abington

Postcard image of Abington Park Museum with tress and parkland in front of the building..


Abington Park Museum is more than 120 years old. It was gifted to the people of Northampton and continues to be a place of relaxation and enjoyment today.

Lady Wantage donated the building to the Borough of Northampton along with the parkland, and in 1897 it was opened up to the public in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Lady Wantage wrote that she wished the preservation of the fine trees, and the maintenance of the old and picturesque fabric of the Abbey. With the donation the building was changed to a museum, the north wing pulled down and the west wing rebuilt. Two years later, in 1899, Abington Park Museum was opened in the centre of the park.

Curious collections

Since opening various collections have been displayed at Abington. Originally dramatic displays of spears from Africa were set alongside taxidermy animals from the UK and the wider world and ceramics from Asia.

High walled building displaying spears, shields on the wall and two large cases in the foreground.

Historic displays at Abington Park Museum, Northampton.

These displays were dramatic and beautiful to look at but did not tell the stories of the objects well. Later displays included the story of domestic life in Northampton, and the history of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry and Regiment. Recent galleries tell the story of Abington and the people who have lived here.

We are interested in developing our collection of objects that help to tell the story of Abington from earliest peoples to the present day. If you have an object that you would like to donate we would be interested in hearing from you.

Donate an object