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Donate an object or artwork

Donating to the Abington collection

Whistle from the collection at Abington Park Museum

The Abington collection is open for donations and is an important developing collection for the museum. The collection supports the stories of Abington, the people that have lived and worked here, and its distinct identity including its communities. We would welcome donations of your cherished objects or artworks that support these themes.

The collection is defined by the borders of Abington parish and includes the house building, estate and urban areas. The date range covers the earliest occupation by people to the present but with a focus on 1900 to the present.

Active collecting supports the following themes which is based on the Collections Development Policy:

  • Key individuals from Abington
  • Families and individuals who have lived in Abington Park Museum building
  • Businesses from Abington
  • Use of the park including work, live and play
  • Health and well-being including the park and the asylum
  • Photogaphs of the building and the park
  • Ephemera relating to the use of the building and the park
  • Art depicting the buildings and the park
  • Religious communities from Abington
  • Diverse communities based in Abington

Donate an object or artwork