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Donate an object or artwork

Donating to the social history collection

Toy engine and tow trucks on track.

Collection priorities focus on the people and communities of Northampton from 1950 to the present day. We would welcome donations of your cherished objects or artworks that support these themes. Objects and artworks that tell stories, particularly relating to the local community from the last 50 years, are an important priority for collecting. Where the object has come from and who used or owned it is important to us.

Active collecting supports the following themes which is based on the Collections Development Policy:

  • Transport 
  • Sport
  • Health and well-being
  • First and Second World War home-front
  • The gaol-block building that houses the Museum
  • Suffragette and women’s gender history
  • Formula One and motor industry engineering
  • Town growth and development post 1960
  • Political movements and protests including the Civil War, Brexit
  • Key significant events such as the great fire, swing riots
  • Northampton public social events
  • All religions represented in Northampton
  • Community diversity
  • Contemporary issues affecting Northampton e.g. homelessness
  • Key individuals from Northampton with a focus on women
  • Objects supporting Museum exhibitions
  • University of Northampton
  • Unitary government
  • Technology in local work and leisure
  • Contemporary local businesses
  • Northamptonshire toy industry
  • Local music
  • Local Northampton communities

Donate an object or artwork