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Donate an object or artwork

Donating to the military collection

small round badge depicting a castle surrounded by leaves forming a wreath shape

Material from across the UK and beyond that represents the Northamptonshire Yeomanry and the Northamptonshire Regiment will be collected. Collecting will focus on material that tells the wider story of the interaction between the county and the Regiment or Yeomanry. Material before 1800 and after 1950 is of particular interest.

We would welcome donations of your cherished objects or artworks that support these themes.

Active collecting supports the following themes which is based on the Collections Development Policy:

  • Biographical stories of individual soldiers and their families
  • Imagery depicting individual soldiers including photographs and portrait artworks
  • Uniforms, especially battle dress
  • National Service
  • Oral histories including family histories
  • The military on film
  • The relationship between the military and Northampton civilian life
  • First and Second World Wars
  • Sport
  • Music and marching bands
  • Cavalry and horse material
  • Yeomanry use of armoured vehicles
  • Antecedent Regiments
  • Transition of the Northamptonshire Regiment to the Royal Anglians and the Northamptonshire Yeomanry to other Yeomanry

Donate an object or artwork