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We Are Northampton

Mounts Baths

Black and white photograph depicting curved glazed roof with radial solid supports and water of pool at bottem.


The Mounts Baths is an iconic Art Deco building in Northampton. Historic England have listed the building with a Grade II because of its architectural significance. It was constructed in 1936 on the site of the borough prison as part of a new civic centre comprised of swimming pool, fire station, police station and law courts.

Art Deco Style

W. J. Bassett-Lowke, an advocate for modern design, was chairman of the committee that oversaw the project. His passion for Art Deco style is reflected in the arches that frame the ceiling of the swimming pool and the black and cream tiles of the turkish bath rooms. The baths are a rare and unique design of indoor Art Deco architecture.

Enjoy a film about the Baths.