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We Are Northampton


Angled label panels form the foreground of the image, with a waistcoat, bee costume and other large objects behind


This exhibition was a collaboration with the people of Northampton, who have contributed their memories about the town. We Are Northampton celebrated the town’s rich heritage and gave visitors from near and far an opportunity to explore Northampton’s character through a sense of identity and place.


Displays highlighted iconic buildings and favoured places as voted by the people of Northampton, such as the market place, Mounts Baths and National Lift Tower. There were also displays and interactives that explore places of special significance and feature the unique characteristics of the borough’s different neighbourhoods. The much loved events of the town were showcased such as the carnival, balloon festival and beer festival as well as Northampton’s popular rugby, football and cricket clubs.

Notable residents both past and present featured in the exhibition in the form of portraits and photographer Paul O’Leary was commissioned to create a series of 24 photographic portraits. Each one explores what it is to be a Northamptonian and how they contribute to the town.

Key objects from We are Northampton