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Art Gallery 1 and 2

Art highlight tour

Painting of 3 people looking up at a group pf angels in the sky.


If you only have a short time to visit here are our top ten art objects to view when in Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. This includes Art Galley 1 and 2 and our 'We are Northampton' exhibition.

We are Northampton

In ‘We Are Northampton’, the first exhibition in the Temporary Exhibition Gallery on the Ground Floor you can see:

Charles Bradlaugh by John Collier

Painted by prominent portrait artist John Collier, this portrait shows atheist, political activist and Liberal MP for Northampton in late 1800s, Charles Bradlaugh. Find out more about this important Northamptonian in the exhibition.

A portrait of Liberal MP for Northampton Charles Bradlaugh, painted by John Collier

Thomas Osbourne Robinson by George Herbert Buckingham Holland

A portrait of an important local artist and theatre set-designer, Thomas Osbourne Robinson by another equally important local artist, George Herbert Buckingham Holland.

A full-length/ standing portrait of Thomas Osborne Robinson by George Buckingham Holland

Northampton from Hunsbury Hill by Albert E. Bailey

A landscape painted from Hunsbury Hillfort overlooking the town in 1850 by local artist Albert E. Bailey

A landscape showing a view of Northampton from Hunsbury Hill by Albert E. Bailey


In 'Inspiration’, the first exhibition in Art Gallery 2, on the First Floor you can see:

Bolton Abbey by John William Inchbold

An incredibly detailed recording of a natural landscape and the ruin of Bolton Abbey, by Pre-Raphaelite artists John William Inchbold.

A landscape showing the ruin of Bolton Abbey in the background painted by John William Inchbold

Tiles by William De Morgan

A selection of nature-inspired tiles by the prominent Art and Crafts ceramic artist William De Morgan.

Earthenware Tile decoratived with a blue primrose design with green leaves designed by William De Morgan

Pair of ceramic figurines

Ceramic figurines of famous pugilists Tom Cribb and Tom Molineux. 

A pair of ceramic pugilists or boxers, Tom Cribb on left and Tom Molineux on right

The Music Party after William Hogarth

A group portrait of a musical family group painted in the style of William Hogarth.

A painting of a family group enjoy musical entertainment, one man plays the violin while a man and woman look at music

Chris Fiddes Challenging Perspectives

In ‘Chris Fiddes Challenging Perspectives’, the first exhibition in Art Gallery 1, on the First Floor you can see:

Kowloon Riots by Chris Fiddes

Fiddes’ response to riots he witnessed while in Kowloon, Hong Kong on his National Service.

A painting showing the dead and dying rioters in the aftermath of the Kowloon Riots

Police Post, South Belfast by Chris Fiddes

A pictorial record of Fiddes’ visit to Belfast in the 1970s, recording the conflict and dangers he witnessed there.

A painting  showing two men stood in front of a police post in Belfast in 1970s, painted by Chris Fiddes

Winter Traffickers off Lampedusa by Chris Fiddes

Here Fiddes is increasing awareness of the perilous crossing made by migrants from Libya to Lampedusa.

A painting showing migrants and traffickers on a boat crossing the sea to Lampadusa from Libya