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Object collecting campaigns

Coronavirus object collecting campaign

Shop window with rainbow display saying Thankyou NHS

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery is looking to document the pandemic for a digital exhibition to be shown once the museum reopens and is asking members of the public to record their own experiences of Covid-19 and collect objects, stories and information during lockdown. These items could include stories of lockdown, for example a lockdown video diary, or photographs of rainbows and messages of thanks that appear in neighbours’ windows.

The museum is also calling for stories from NHS workers and carers, as well as how the work of other key workers such as delivery drivers, supermarket employees, postal workers has changed and how  Northamptonshire is showing appreciation for these heroes.

The exhibition will also include how businesses in the town are coping with the massive changes brought about by Covid-19 and will acknowledge those people who have lost their lives due to Covid-19 across the county. 

Councillor Anna King, cabinet member for community engagement and safety said: “As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the way we interact, operate, socialise, work, live and grieve has completely changed. We are now living in a period of historic significance and we would like the public to share items with us that mark this time.”

Donate an object, image or video

When gathering content, do so safely and follow the government guidelines on social distancing. Please record when and where the content was created and include name, address, email and telephone number.

Northampton Museum & Art Gallery remains closed until further notice. Follow the museum on Facebook at to receive updates when the museum re-opens.