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Object collecting campaigns

Commemorating Northampton Borough Council

D D 94 street party invite

Northampton Museum & Art Gallery is looking to collect a range of objects to record the history of Northampton Borough Council and the beginning of the new West Northamptonshire Council.

We’re open to all ideas, but examples of the kind of thing we’d like to include in the collection are items including the council’s logo such as signs, posters, mugs, badges, uniforms and photos of staff members wearing their uniforms. Objects and equipment relating to the council’s key functions such as elections, recycling and waste, planning, licensing,  environmental health, leisure and culture, housing, customer services and even key office items such as clocks would also be considered. We are also interested in material associated with council buildings. Photos of the office and building over the years, events, staff, Christmas parties, weddings – the opportunities are endless!

The museum needs your NBC objects, memorabilia and memories!

We would also be interested in collecting your memories of NBC either in written form or we can arrange to record your memories and experiences.

Donate an object, image or video