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Northampton shoemaking - post war years to present

Men's Boughton County brogue

Man's Boughton country brogue Derby, manufactured by Trickers, 2016

Post war years to the present

Post-war cheaper synthetic materials and quicker manufacturing processes threatened Northampton’s traditional industry with manufacturing going abroad.

Charles Clore

From the 1950s onwards Charles Clore – who set up the British Shoe Corporation in Leicester – bought out many of Northampton’s footwear brands, closed their factories and sourced cheaper supplies from developing countries. The town’s shoemaking industry shrank dramatically.

Shoemaking today

Today, however, Northampton and the county’s shoemaking industry thrives. The town is still recognised across the world for making high-quality men’s footwear which reinterprets classic styles for each new generation of discerning wearers.