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Thursday morning talks

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Thursday 4 May - Thursday 13 July
10.30am - 12pm

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Thursday 4 May
To the manor born
Speaker: Derek Blunt
A look at the big houses of Northamptonshire and their owners

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Thursday 18 May
Wish you were here
Speaker: Graham Sutherland
A nostalgic look back at how holidays have changed over the years.

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Thursday 15 June
The notorious Culworth Gang
Speaker: Richard Blacklee
The true story of a gang of 18th century highwaymen who terrorised South Northamptonshire for nearly 20 years.

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Thursday 29 June
The life and art of Postcard Artist Donald McGill
Speaker: Douglas Goddard
Dubbed the king of the seaside postcard McGill became synonymous with the genre of saucy imagery combined with an earthy sense of humour.

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Thursday 13 July
Forging ahead - The secrets of Operation Bernhard
Speaker: Steve Dimmer
The story behind a secret Nazi plan devised during Second World War to destabilise the British economy by flooding it with forged bank notes.   

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