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Jubilee sweet celebration class with Carmela Sereno-Hayes

Round shaped golden tart on a cross wire cooling rack with blue cloth behind.


Saturday 28 May
£30 per person
Let’s take a step into the kitchen and make some wonderful treats from the past and present. The class is a non-cooking class so please note your finished dishes will need to be chilled, baked or steamed at home. Carmela will demonstrate two recipes for the group and all participants will be able to sample these. A wonderful jam tart, that’s famously known in Italy as the crostata, perfect with a cup of tea or as part of a continental breakfast. It can also be made into a tray of small sweet sticky offerings.

Then a demonstration of a modern take on the much-loved Almond and Aquafaba Amaretti Biscuit. These are vegan, so the eggs are replaced with the wonder liquid from a tin of chickpeas known as aquafaba, which is chickpea protein. Deliciously moreish and perfect as a homemade gift that keeps incredibly well. Carmela will then teach participants to make two recipes. Steamed Spotted Dick pudding is a wonderfully nostalgic treat for the entire family.. Students will be guided through the recipe, shown how to seal and string the top and given direction on how to steam the pudding at home. Will you have cream or custard with yours?

The final recipe students will create is the Museum Jubilee Cheesecake, a scrumptious lemon infused cheesecake with a fabulous berry topping. This cheesecake will most certainly be the centrepiece of your next family dinner.

Booking essential.

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