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Romans, Daisies, Ones and Twos

Published: Thursday, 28 July 2022

Three people standing in  a museum gallery space surrounded by shoes in cases. The central figure is Jim Moir aka Vic Reeves

Jim Moir on a tour of the Shoe Gallery at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery.

What an amazing opening night for Jim Moir's, aka Vic Reeves exhibition. We were very lucky to welcome Jim and his wife Nancy to NMAG along with a host of other guests.

Visit the exhibition and revel in the weird and wonderful artworks of 'Romans, Daisies, Ones and Twos'. That's cockney rhyming slang by the way. This is a selling exhibition so you are able to purchase any of the works on show.The exhibition is open to everybody until August 14th with free admission. We may have one further teeny little surprise for you all, which we will tell you about this coming Friday.Thank you to everybody who came along and made the evening so fun including live music by 'One Way Ticket' from the University of Northampton.

Romans, Daisies, Ones and Twos exhibition