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Earthenware Tile decoratived with a blue primrose design with green leaves designed by William De Morgan


This exhibition, for all ages, explores the way artists and designers look at the world around them and how this sparks the creative imagination.


Artists and designers are inspired by all manner of things from the everyday to the fantastical, from nature to people, music to stories. Inspiration is an exhibition looking at the reasons behind an object’s creation, investigating what may have inspired a particular painting, shoe, sculpture or piece of jewellery. Alongside the objects on display there will be several interactive stations where you can gain a greater understanding of the objects and be inspired through listening, drawing, reading and puzzle solving.

White plinths with objects on in cases and paintings on wall in background.

An object tour of the exhibition

There will be associated activities and events. For more information view our events programme.

We want to be open and accessible to all visitors to ensure the widest number of people can enjoy our buildings, collections, exhibitions and events.

Accessing the galleries