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Our volunteer stories

Collection volunteer

Collection volunteer

Katy supports us by helping to care for the history collection. She has maintained skills and gained new experiences whilst on a career break.

My role

'We meet on a weekly basis and assist the History Curator with tasks such as recording newly acquired objects on the museum database; checking condition of objects; photographing objects; researching objects and their stories; and packing objects to preserve them.'

Why I volunteer

'There are so many reasons to volunteer with Northampton Museums and Art Gallery and I love getting to see the museum’s collection up close. As a mum with a young family, volunteering provides me some time to pursue my own interests and speak to other adults. I enjoy the knowledge that the work I am doing is contributing to the enjoyment of my local community. There have been training opportunities available to me whilst volunteering that have helped me maintain my skills, so although I am on a career break I am still learning.'

My favourite thing about volunteering

'Getting to know more about my local history and how lovely the other volunteers and staff are.'

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