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Our volunteer stories

Research volunteer

Seated figure sitting in front of library shelves reading a book.

Pamela supports us by researching the collections. She has developed significant skills and experiences.

My role

'My role is to research the artists and artworks in the collection as well as themes for future exhibitions. This will support the museum redevelopment project and produce a portfolio for each artwork.'

Why I volunteer

'I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2018 with a degree in Humanities & Arts and in order to develop my skills, I applied for the art volunteer post.  The opportunity to get up ‘close and personal’ with original artworks is an amazing experience.  Developing a life story for the artist requires investigative work but the results make you appreciate their motivation and styles based on their influences and upbringing.'

My favourite thing about volunteering

'The interaction between the Art Curator and the other researchers is invaluable. Our regular meetings enable us to share ideas and discuss our findings. Assisting with the art lecture series, which are held throughout the year, also expands my knowledge and allows contact with the public. I find people’s views on art and artists intriguing and it helps me to see things in different ways. This is beneficial when thinking about exhibitions and future lectures.'

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