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Our volunteer stories

Costume volunteer

black shiny form with wide brim edge to front of image and round cylindrical form rising above.

Hannah supports us by auditing our Costume Collection. She has developed significant skills and experiences.

My role

'I am a Social Historian Collection Cataloguer and have been volunteering at NMAG for 5 years. Through this role I have previously worked both independently and as part of a team in helping to catalogue objects that form as part of the Museum’s collection. My role as a Social Historian Collection Cataloguer includes photographing the objects including identifying any damage that they may have, measuring their height, width and length and at times re-packaging and numbering the items so that they are both protected from possible damage and easily accessible for any further examination.'

Why I volunteer

'The reason why I volunteer is because I have such a passion and interest in History and my role at the Museum gives me the opportunity to get up close and personal with a wide range of historical objects. What also motivates me is the knowledge that myself and others are working to help preserve elements of history, not only for present day audiences, but also for future generations so that they too can look at artefacts that could easily have been lost to history and continue the role of researching and persevering them for both present and future generations.' 

My favourite thing about volunteering

'What I love most about volunteering is that each day you never truly know what it is you are going to find. There is also the knowledge that aside from you the previous owner of the object has donated it into your care. To me this makes the role that you are performing even more important as you are handling someone’s personal effects. This is especially true if you come across an item that is either handmade, dated or has a named owner. Our work follows a duty to ensure the owner is also remembered alongside their artefact.'

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