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Our volunteer stories

Event volunteer

Figure smoothing tissue from boxes. Card boxes in background.

Isobel supports us in various roles including assisting with our art lecture series. She has gained new knowledge and enjoyed working as a team.

My role

'I have several roles as a volunteer including condition checking objects and art research. One of my roles is assisting with art history lectures - helping to put in place and keep secure in the lecture room an artwork from the collection and assisting front of house staff both during and after the lecture.'

Why I volunteer

'I have always had an interest in art and art history and been a keen visitor to museums and art galleries so this has been an ideal volunteering opportunity for me.  I have been able to get up close to art works and objects and learn more about their making and their history.  Through the research and the lectures I have gained a very much greater knowledge of art and artists.  Many of the topics have led me to areas of which I have previously known little or nothing thereby widening my appreciation of different artists or types of art.'

My favourite thing about volunteering

'It is hard to say what my favourite thing about my volunteering is. There is variety, gaining new knowledge, adding to old knowledge, intellectual stimulation but perhaps most of all for a retired person like myself, to be part of a team of such very nice people, both the other volunteers and the staff, working on such worthwhile projects. I would undoubtedly recommend volunteering for Northampton Museums and Art Gallery.'

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